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Orange juice and breakfast cereals are

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Full English

Grilled sausage

2 rashers of grilled bacon

Fried egg

Fried bread


Grilled fresh tomatoes

Tinned tomatoes

Baked beans

Lighter options

Scrambled eggs on toast

Poached eggs on toast

Baked beans on toast

Tinned tomatoes on toast

Catalan menu in English

Catalan Appetizers, Snacks and Tapas

• Amanida = Catalan salad
• Cigales a l’all = Garlic scampi
• Croquetes amb xamfaina = Vegetable pastries
• Gambes amb salsa romesco = Prawns in a spicy sauce dip
• Pa amb tomaquet = Bread and tomato appetizers
• Patates braves = Potatoes in spicy sauce
• Xató = Tarragona-style salad

Catalan Rice, Pasta Dishes and Soups

• Arròs a la catalana = Catalan-style rice
• Arròs amb crosta = Oven-browned rice
• Arròs amb faves = Rice with broad beans
• Arròs negre amb allioli = Black rice with garlic and oil sauce
• Canelons a la catalana = Catalan-style cannelloni
• Fideus a la catalana = Spicy spaghetti with cured meats
• Fideus amb mariscs = Thin spaghetti with seafood
• Fideuà = Paella with pasta and fish
• Escudella a la catalana = Chickpea soup
• Sopa de musclos = Mussel soup

Catalan Meat and Fowl Recipes

• Rostit de porc a la catalana = Oven-roasted fillet of pork
• Conill a la tarraconenca = Rabbit and chocolate casserole
• Conill amb cargols = Rabbit with snails
• Costelles al forn = Oven-roasted pork spare-ribs
• Escudella i carn d'olla = Mixed boiled meats with rice and broth soup
• Estofat de bou = Beef stew with chocolate
• Fricandó = Stewed meat and vegetables
• Mar i terra = Surf-and-turf: chicken with lobster and chocolate
• Paella mixta= Catalan-style paella
• Gall d’indi a la catalana = Stuffed turkey
• Perdiu amb cols = Partridges in cabbage parcels
• Pollastre amb pebrots = Chicken with small green peppers
• Pollastre amb xamfaina = Chicken with aubergines and sweet peppers
• Porc amb musclos = Pork with mussels

Catalan Fish, Shellfish and Seafood

• Anguila a l’all i pebre = Stewed eels
• Bacallà amb xamfaina = Cod with eggplant and vegetables
• Cap roig amb salsa d’all = Garlic scorpion fish
• Cargols a la llauna = Snails au gratin
• Cargols a la potarrallada = Grilled snails
• Orada a la sal = Gilthead in salt
• Esqueixada de bacallà = Dried codfish salad
• Sípia amb rovellons = Cuttlefish with mushrooms
• Llagosta a la Costa Brava = Lobster in chocolate-flavored picada
• Musclos farcits = Stuffed mussels
• Orada a la sal = Sea bream in a salt crust
• Pataco = Fresh tuna with clams and vegetables
• Rap en salsa d’ametlles = Anglerfish in almond sauce
• Suquet de peix amb allioli = Mixed fish casserole with alioli sauce
• Zarzuela = Mixed seafood stew

Catalan Egg and Vegetables Recipes

• Albergínia a la catalana =Aubergines with walnuts
• Cols a la catalana = Cabbage in spicy sauce
• Escalivada = Oven-baked vegetable mix
• Espinacs a la catalana / Espinacs amb passes i pinyons = Spinach with raisins and pine nuts
• Faves al tombet = Broad beans with lettuce
• Faves a la catalana = Broad beans with mixed cured meats
• Panadons amb espinacs = Spinach parcels
• Rovellons a la brasa = Grilled mushrooms
• Truita de patates = Open omelette with potatoes
• Truita de tomàquets i pebrots = Tomato and sweet pepper open omelette

Catalan Cakes, Sweets and Desserts

• Crema catalana / Crema de Sant Josep = Oven-baked vanilla custard topped with caramelized sugar
• Ensaimades = Sweet twists
• Granissat = Lemon water-ice
• Mel i mató = Honey and soft cheese
• Menjar blanc = Almond blancmange