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Lexicon Hiberno-English

§     Something banjaxed is broken, ruined, or rendered incapable of use. As in "My mobile's been banjaxed since I dropped it."
§     Bjore Attractive female.
§     Boot used to describe an unattractive girl,
§     Cat – bad, terrible. (from catastrophic). "The weather is cat isn't it?"
§     Cod, a joke, ridiculous, can also be used on a person. "This fella is a cod."
§     College is used in a way similar to American English. In Ireland college can be used to refer to any third-level institution, university or not.
§     Craic or crack is fun, a good time, good company, good atmosphere and conversation. If you are enjoying yourself, it is good craic.
§     Cub – means a young child
§     Da  slang for father, as in "Me da doesn't do too well at the horses!"
§     Draw - To infuse tea, 'Let the tea draw'.
§     Fair play –"Fair play to him" meaning "Well done to him", or "Good for him."
§     Footpath  pavement  and sidewalk in American English.
§     Geebag bastard. "She's a total geebag."
§     Give out (to someone) – to tell someone off, to scold a person,
§     Gombeen  corrupt activity.
§     Gomey –a worthless individual, a fool e.g. "You're nothing but a gomey, like!".
§     Howeya – A contraction of "How are you", most often used as a greeting
§     Jacks – toilet. Cf. American English "john". "Here lads, I'm off to the jacks.
§     Lack –slang for girlfriend,
§     Langer - a penis, or  someone who is a fool/idiot/dislikeable person.
§     Meet –kiss, oral sex, or full coitus.
§     Runners or tackies, or in the north gutties, refers to "trainers"
§     Shift – to kiss, generally with tongues or to have sex or both.
§     Sláinte is an Irish word meaning "health".
§     Strand – commonly used instead of "beach".
§     Wan – A woman.
§     Wojus –hateful, horrible
§     Your (often pronounce "yer") - "yer wan" or "yer man" refers to the person in question. "look at yer man". There is also "yer/your only man" (for doing some job), which is a compliment.

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