dimecres, 4 de novembre de 2009

Custard Sauce:

2 fresh eggs yolks
½ pt fresh milk, hot
1oz caster sugar
Double cream (optional)
3 drops of vanilla essence
Mix the yolks, sugar and essence in a large, clean bowl. CHEFS TIP: - add 1 tsp cornflour to the yolks, sugar, and essence to stop the eggs from scrambling) Whisk in the boiled milk. Return the custard to the saucepan and re-heat, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon on a very low heat. Do not allow to boil, or the eggs will become scrambled. At the very end add a little double cream, for extra creaminess. For a Christmas Brandy Sauce omit the vanilla essence and add 3 tbsp of brandy. For Whisky or Rum Custard simply add 2 tbsp of the appropriate spirits at the end of cooking and whisk gently before serving.

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  1. Wow! Have you tried it?
    Alternatively, you can buy a packet of ready-made custard, just add boiling water and ... abracadabra, custard in 30 seconds :)