diumenge, 8 de novembre de 2009

Three of my poems in English

Please myself

Shall praise good news and sing melodies./Bye wars and blood./ The sea is calm tonight,/ welcome new hymns,/ true anthems of gaiety./ Not flying on the air,/ not building the moon on earth,/ walking in beauty like a cloudless night,/ kissing new ways of living/ in starry climates./ Hopes that my heart does need,/ all dark shadows it denies./ A mind at peace/ whose eyes shine,/ bright of heaven and earth,/ waves of water, purified./ Believe in new ways of acting,/ behaviours that change oneself./ Neighbours learn/ the ways of becoming friends./ Know what to do in the future,/ fed up with a bad today,/ rid of whatever dirtiness,/ clean as the water of well./ Hope I can please myself.


When the night falls upon town,/ Light flies unstoppable,/ and stands above, in hill’s eyes./ Peace reigns in the park/ And birds sing in dreams/ With tender words and kissed./
Quiet is a cloudless night./ The stars do move and shine,/ While everyone sleeps tenderly,/ Apart from me, the strangest one.
I’m awake and see/ The yellowy moon watching life go by./ There’s no way of avoiding/ A rare feeling at night.


Where you see that path of flowers,/ In a moment of deep shyness,/ The world vanishes fast./ There 's no more to fulfil,/ The quiet of the moment reigns./
Later, we go nowhere./ Borders you find wherever/ You want to cross./ And a well, waterless-/ emptiness everywhere./
Shadows in a world of lights,/ Cruelty mixed with tenderness./ Flying above our heads. /I don’t know what happens/When beauty becomes ugliness.

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